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What I Wore on 19thentine's Day

Three years later, I revisited my Kensie dress for 19thentine's Day 2012-edition. This time I paired it with Nine West heels, my grandmother's bracelet, InPink earrings and the Brighton heart necklace Austin gave me just a few hours after our awkward prom pose photos were taken (unfortunately Austin's roommates weren't as enthusiastic about paparrazi-ing us this year as mine were back then.. they also didn't decorate his bed with condoms, candles and cosmos. Bor----ingggg.) Luckily I have mad arm-reaching skillz.

Our day's adventures began when I showed up at Austin's place with the first clue to his treasure hunt and these bad boys:

Homemade sugar cookie deliciousness. The first clue took us to yoga in the park (where I didn't actually hide the clue because I was running late from hiding all the others, woops!) And in case you were wondering, the clue did in fact rhyme with "Namaste."

The clues, in plastic baggies because it was raining off and on, took us to the dog park, apartment complexes, a nature trail, a picnic..

And eventually to a second-floor balcony full of treasure, that only had one way up.

(My boyfriend is a very strong monkey man)

Here's most of the loot. Not pictured there were numerous records to go with his new record player.
He got me super-awesome compression socks that defend against crazy blisters and lactic acid in the calf region.. I will definitely report back with photos and what not once I try them out. He also got me the most delicious sushi dinner ever, complete with Saki. He's a keeper.

Overall, I'd say 19thentine's Day was a success.

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