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Born to Run Recipes

Ever since I read Christopher McDougall's "Born To Run" I have been dying to try the recipes of the simplistic, vegetarian dishes the Tarahumara tribe ("The Running People") use to fuel their ridiculously long runs described in the book. Since I was planning on doing a medium-length run of about 6 miles yesterday, I got to researching and came up with these masterpieces:

(My girl Kaleigh says it looks like thrown up glitter. Awesome.)

This is Iskiate, kind of a natural energy drink. Here's what you need:
Chia Seeds (yea, the kind that grow hair for your chia pet)
Lemon or lime
Sugar/Agave Nectar/Honey

(This is what chia seeds look like when they're not green and sprouting out of a head)

You just add a tablespoon of chia to a glass of water and let it sit for about five minutes (the longer you wait, the more gel-like the water becomes) while sliminess coats each individual seed. This might be a little too weird for you texture freaks out there, but I happen to be a huge fan of bubble tea, so I was totally down with it. Then you add lime or lemon and sweetener for taste. I used lemon juice & agave nectar. It was pretty tasty, but it didn't really kick in until I was already done running and sitting in class, wishing I was running instead of hearing every person in the room's personal experience with every abnormal psychological disorder in the book. (Seriously, there's something about psychology classes that makes people way too willing to contribute inappropriate, personal information.. Next class about sexual disorders should be interesting.. but I digress.)

The next thing I made was called Pinole, which I made a bit differently from what is described in the book. I used the No-Meat Athlete's recipe as a guide.

First I put 1/2 C polenta (basically corn grits) over medium heat. Supposedly it will turn a light brown color.. mine did no such thing.

I added these things in. I basically kept adding water until it was the consistency of cookie dough because I decided I would bake it and make little pinole cookies, which would be easy to carry and eat while on a long run. I preheated the oven to 350 and baked them for about 10 minutes.

They really weren't super flavorful, but the aftertaste was slightly addictive. I ate most of them.

Then I took pictures in my new socks and thought about how incredibly attractive I looked in my alien toe-shoes and knee-high socks.

(I'm goofy and I know it.. <--sing that.)

So after all this build-up.. it was finally time to run. The sky was a very dark shade of gray and was ready to burst open at any moment. I went anyway, and after about three miles my knee started bothering me. Needless to say, it was a disappointing ending to any exciting beginning of a run. 

To make myself feel better, however, I'm going to show off the splits from my 9-mile run a week and some change ago (the one that resulted in the most epic blister ever). Check it.

I am pretty pleased with that. Now I just need to do it again, plus four, sans blister & knee pain.

Oh, and the new Fun. album is out. Seriously, the highlight of my day was learning this information. 

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