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You guys, there is a new Fun. song and I am SO EXCITED!!! I heard it on the radio today. I have been waiting & checking & hoping for this band to release a new album for what seems like forever and now it actually looks like there's one in the works. And this new song, "We Are Young" is. so. good. The music video.. not so much.. this one's better:

Here's the thing. I have been obsessed with Motion City Soundtrack since freshman year of high school (approximately 2003) and I FINALLY got to see them in concert last year after months of obsessing over the band's website & buying tickets the second they went on sale. I dragged Austin with me, of course, because even though he wasn't a know-every-word-to-every-song-and-get-butterflies-every-time-a-song-starts kind of a fan like I was, he liked the songs he knew.

So we got to the House of Blues in Orlando pretty early because, like I said, I was completely giddy about this concert and so we got to stand just a few feet away from the stage. Cue the first opening act: some intense scene kids all wearing matching plaid shirts, jeans tighter than mine and combat boots complemented by whiny voices, predictable tunes & stupid-subject-matter songs. I proceeded to make fun of them mercilessly and then I says to the boyfriend (who usually only listens to classic rock and has never even heard of them..) "Boyfriend, I wish they would have a cool opening act like The Format! They're awesome." (Little did I know, they had already broken up by this time.)

The next opening act comes on and I'm thinking to myself.. "Motion City Soundtrack... Motion City Soundtrack... Motion City Soundtrack" when suddenly I hear a very distinct and familiar voice coming from the microphone breaking through my brain's anticipation of the main act. "Oh my GOD! This sounds exactly like The Format!" followed by, "Do you remember that song I made you listen to that one time?!" "Doesn't it sound like them???" and "Austin! What's the name of this band???" answered by shrugs, shrugs and more shrugs. Then we heard a very drunk enthusiastic lady fan behind us screaming in the loudest of shrieks something over and over again... but it didn't sound anything like "Format" and I didn't recognize any of the songs..

But it sounded just like them.

Finally right before their very last song they told the crazy crowd they were called Fun. and they were about to peace out of this tour to join Paramore's. Which I put to use in my super-sneaky-detective work when I got home. Turns out the lead singer of The Format, Nate Ruess, formed his new band called Fun. (the crazy word the lady was screaming incessantly) in 2008 and I am a musical psychic. Thatisall.

PS: If anyone wants to get me a Motion City Soundtrack or Fun. t-shirt for Christmas, I would NOT be opposed.

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