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Born To Run

I mentioned before that for Christmas my super awesome boyfriend got me a Kindle (!!!) but I failed to mention that I blew through my first ebook in approximately three days. The first book I read was "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall and it was so good. It might have helped that I'm obsessed with running, but I'm pretty sure even the running-haters out there would still find this story incredibly interesting. 

It's a true story about a journalist on a quest to learn the secrets of the Tarahumara tribe, a group of people living  in the Barrancas (or Copper Canyon) in Mexico who run great distances (I'm talkin' a hundred miles at a time) through an effing canyon wearing just thin leather sandals. These people are awesome. They barely eat meat, they rarely get injured and they survive in one of the most dangerous places to live (can you imagine bringing up toddlers in a canyon?!) Basically I want to follow these people around and learn their secrets for myself, but this book is the next best (less dangerous) route. 

Considering the length and nuisance of my left knee injury, I was more than willing to learn about a running technique that could possibly help cure and/or avoid future injuries, so..

I got Vibrams for Christmas!!

I ran one mile (very slowly) in them on Christmas day and my calves are still sore, but my knee wasn't too bad. I take this as a ginormous sign that I'm supposed to build up my foot strength and all my running problems will be gone once I find the perfect stride. Just let me think this way.

I also got this super cute apron to cook all my vegan cookbook recipes in! (Don't mind the pjs and non-makeup-face.) I will keep you all updated on my Vibram running experiences. I'm pretty excited about it. Also, I highly recommend you read this book if you have even the slightest bit of interest in running. It's amazing.

Song of the day -- the oh-so-appropriate Bruce Springsteen:


  1. I need to get my husband some of those shoes. They kinda weird me out, but it sounds like they really improve your form. And so jealous of your kindle!

  2. Ohhhh Awesome!!! Training for a marathon right now!!! Great reading inspiration. Thank you:)you look Adorale BTW!!!

  3. i love mine too.

  4. This is terrific, Kensie! I really hope they help you improve your gate and cure your knee problems! I look forward to running together some time soon! ;)

  5. Thanks for your comment :) Ooh wow those kinda scare me but I'm also intrigued by them. Trying to get back into running as well. Go you!

    M x

  6. My husband and i bought Vibrams this past summer. We love ours!

  7. I love this post! The book looks great, you just inspired me to order it and send it to a friend of mine who just started running. Thanks!

  8. Those shoes are too histerical! DO they work I'm wondering?!

    xo Shane


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