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19thentine's Day

In all the three years we've been dating, Austin and I have never celebrated Valentine's Day on February 14.
Working at a super-fancified restaurant guarantees you'll be pretty busy on v-day, so we've gotten into a sort of tradition of celebrating whatever day (in this case the 19th) we can and calling it --thentine's Day.
This year, for 19thentine's Day, I decided to make a scavenger hunt for him so he really had to work for his presents. It went all over Gainesville, involved a picnic and he had to scale a balcony of a second-floor apartment to get to his grand prize. It was epic.
There are a lot more photos and details (including the recipe for these homemade sugar cookies) to come, but for now I'm off to learn chemistry. 

Enjoy your Monday.

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