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What I Wore.. V-day Three Years Ago

The setting: Gainesville, FL circa 2009 in my apartment that I shared with three of my best friends.
The mood: Nervous, spending my first Valentine's Day ever with Austin (or Austi Spimonti Winkleman Mitati as we often called him at that time) since we started dating in January. My roomies and I decided we needed an awkward prom-pose photo preceding dinner, resulting in this masterpiece.
I'm wearing a dress by Kensie (no lie, spelled like mine and everything) & I still have it. Perhaps I will dress it up better and show it off when we officially celebrate v-day this year on Sunday.

Look at those awkward babies.

We both made lists of things we had to do for each other for Valentine's Day which led us to hot tub/pool-hopping, playing on a playground, picking a song to become "our song," telling embarrassing stories, the writing of a poem and the giving/receiving of a beautiful necklace. 

Then, for whatever reason, we went back to my apartment to grab something and found this spectacle in my room..

Yes, my roommates effectively took awkward-first-Valentine's-day-together to a WHOLE new level with sex tips from Cosmo, a ridiculous amount of condoms, lotion, my acoustic guitar and what was deemed in our apartment as "the sex candle." 

These items were not used (or necessary), but my roommates did almost pee themselves from laughing so hard at our expense.

Thanks, Jessica, Mary Beth & Camille, for making my memories hilarious.

Do you have any awkward Valentine's Day memories?

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