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What I Wore

Sometimes, when you work out after work and you're trying to beat sunset, you wash your face, throw on a hat to hide your hair and post up in front of the wall next to your front door. Then, if you're me, you edit and upload the photos just to let them sit in Blogger purgatory for months before realizing oh-my-god-it's-almost-fall, so you decide it's now or never.
That about sums up blogging for me lately. Sometimes the love is there and sometimes I'm forcing it or throwing a hat over its greasy hair because I know I didn't blog for five years straight just to one day decide, "meh."
I love clothes, I love photos and even if it sounds weird, I love being in front of the camera. So even if I'm not finding the time to give this space the passionate love making it deserves, I'm going to get these #ootds going again.
I hope y'all are down for that.. but let's be real, it's never really been about you anyway. 
 Jacket: Levi's / Tee: Old Navy / Hat: UO / Sandals: Seychelles / Shorts: Local Boutique (similar)

Happy Friday, friends!

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