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Today marks week six of marathon training. Even though I've been constantly sore and nervy about each run that's longer than its predecessors, this training cycle is flying by. It feels like I just looked at the program dreading an 8-mile run, yet here I am basking in the lactic acidic glory of a 14-miler Sunday Funday. Yesterday's was the farthest training run I've ever completed. I have six medals signifying completion of 13.1, but never before had I gone that extra 0.9, and it felt damn good, you guys. I couldn't believe it. Normally after a half marathon I'm covered in blisters and lying in the grass wishing I didn't have to make the short walk to my car - granted once I was home, I parked my ass on the couch and watched "You're the Worst" for the rest of the night, but still. I'm sore today, but not out of commission and that feels like progress. I recently switched from Nike+ to Strava, which encourages you to post photos for each activity completed, so above you see some of the rad routes and cute furry animals I've run into so far. Feel free to add me there if you use it too because I've been missing all my Nike+ amigos. I think you can just type in "MacKensie Gibson" to find me.

Are you training for anything? Any of your marathoners have advice for surviving the next 10 weeks?

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! This is the best part, realizing that HOLY CRAP you're doing it! You're getting stronger and you're on your way to a marathon now! The weekly distance PR is such a fun and painful time. ENJOY.


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