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Camping & Other Present Participles

Sipping wine from a Tumbler
Floating for hours on a garish plastic flamingo
Inhaling Cheetos, s’mores, burgers
Hiding from the rays under a giant, floppy hat
Reapplying greasy SPF 70 
Watching the sun paint the sky orange, then purple with its descent
Forgetting about hygiene, stress, anxiety
Sitting by a fire, singing along to the ukulele strings
Squinting at the brightest stars, gasping as they shoot across the sky
Falling deeply asleep as my head hits the sleeping bag
Being asked, politely, to turn off the speakers
Hearing Ziggy whine because 10 feet is too far
Smelling the crackling fire and charred marshmallows
Feeling the cool, dry air on my skin and crumbly earth between my toes
Choking down gulps of Hennessy 
Laughing uncontrollably again and again
Waking to the sun forcing itself through the thin tent walls
Tasting the bitter coffee, salty bacon, gooey eggs
Smiling at my people, the dogs, the trees  
Thanking the universe for every hopeful thought, hard decision and crippling doubt
Knowing they brought me here

All photos caught on film by @kyle_jern see more of his work here

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