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When You Find 'em, Keep 'em

Sometimes it takes a while to find your people. Especially in a new city in a new state clear across the country from your old bars, restaurants, running routes and people. But once you find them, you smother them. You make them dress up, take shots, do living room jumping selfies, play in the rain, dance until 2am and eat second dinners at 2:30. Then you make each other run stairs, do burpees at 6am and sign up for marathons; you eat vegan cinnamon buns and go out to dinner last minute because one of you needs to cry over a hummus plate. You swap stories, send photos of sexy celebrities, join group texts that are never not active and you feel so incredibly grateful that even when pretty much everything else feels astronomically f*cked, they'll be there to distract you, listen to you and just be. You know you've found your people when their wins are your victories and your heartbreak makes them ache too.


  1. YES! Feels. I moved to a new city and it took a long, long time for me to find 'my people' but I love them! I'm now craving a cinnamon bun. Yes. Need. So bad.

  2. So true!! Your people are your people. Also: love your choker!!

  3. I couldn't agree more! Finding your people is such a wonderful thing ♥


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