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I haz a new car!

Happy Friday, friends. I'm totally off my game. Lots of changes going on over here (what else is new?). I wanted to let you know that I officially have a new car that I bought with my own money (I'm poor AF -- WORTH IT). It has a USB port and back up camera, and I'm very excited about those two things specifically. I'm taking car name suggestions in the comments, so please contribute. Also, I dressed like this to buy my new car because I thought I was just going for a test drive and yes, they did think I was 18 years old and yes, they did tell me that and yes, this is how I dress for work these days. Judge or be jealous, whatevs. I don't actually have anything important to say today. I just wanted the world to know I bought myself a car (#adulting) and it allows me to parallel park without love tapping the cars around me. Oh, and listen to New Music Friday on Spotify because Justin Timberlake, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Radiohead all have new songs out. Also watch this because you almost forgot it existed, right? You're welcome.


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