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Pros & Cons of looking like a child

I get mistaken for a child on a regular basis, so I thought I'd gather up some of the benefits and downfalls of being a 24-year-old high schooler. Sit back, grab a sippy cup and enjoy.
Getting discounted student tickets. From the couple dollars it saves at the movie theater to the more dramatic discounts it affords at theme parks, museums, festivals, etc. It's a money saver for sure.

Holding on to the hope that I will finally look 24 when I turn 40.

Spending my monies on nail polish instead of wrinkle cream (although I suppose prevention is key).

Not getting judgmental looks when I go straight to the "Young Adult Fiction" section at the book store.

Shopping in the juniors section of clothing stores without getting weird looks from strangers. Same goes for stores I probably should be growing out of, like AE & AF.

Babysitting 11 year olds who aren't embarrassed to be seen with me. (The other day they said, "If anyone asks, you're our older sister, okay?")

Going to the grocery store in my PJs, rat's nest hair and no makeup just to buy froyo and Redbox movies, and the real adults just thinking to themselves, "Kids these days."

Making cops feel extra bad when they pull me over because I cry and remind them of their daughters.

Receiving fewer questions about my single, childless status.

Answering the door to solicitors and having them walk away when I tell them my parents aren't home.

Receiving dirty looks from passerbys who think I'm a cast member of "Teen Mom" as I push the dude baby around in his stroller.

Being out on a date with an older guy who gets served right away while the bartender studies my i.d. suspiciously for five minutes before reluctantly accepting that he is not, in fact, babysitting me.

Being asked for my i.d. when buying anything from spray paint to super glue to tickets for rated R movies.

Having to answer quiz questions about said i.d. because everyone assumes it's fake.

Getting hit on by high school boys. Seriously, one asked me the other day which school I go to, and a group of them wouldn't leave me alone at Target.

Feeling the wrath of judgey high school girls who are the girlfriends of said high school boys. (I can practically hear them whispering, "She's totally not even cute, I bet she has less than 1,000 Instagram followers")

Getting hit on by much older men who I immediately assume are pedophiles.

Patronizing attitudes from peers who don't realize they are my peers.

Hearing the OMG-YOU'RE-SO-OLD in the voices of the youngins who originally assumed I was their age.

Do you guys look your age? Tell me I'm not alone in this.


  1. bahahahaha you get hit on by high schoolers. awesome. i mean not surprising though, you're hawt.

  2. HAHA this is awesome - personally, i'm jealous of your footies PJs. i'm 26 and normally get mistaken for a little younger... but don't really get ID'ed anymore.

  3. The other day I got asked at Old Navy if I was 18 yet; I lied and said no just so I wouldn't have to listen to them try and sell me on signing up for a credit card. So I agree sometimes looking young has its advantages. And I like to think I just look young because I take good care of my skin ha
    From Mississippi With Love

  4. I love this post and I have never had this problem. I feel a sense of victory when I get carded and I'm 26. Gawd, feels old.

  5. STORY of my life. I'm 20 and look like I'm 12. Not kidding. I got hit on the other day, excuse me, *harassed* by middle schoolers in the coffee shop the other day. I finally turned to them and said "I am at least 11 years older than you. So shut up."

  6. I think I finally grew into looking my real age, but it took a long time to get there. I remember specifically when I was 19 and was flying home for Christmas break, I was seated in the exit row and the flight attendant said, "I'm gonna have to ask you to move; you have to be at least 15 to sit here." Sigh.

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  8. this was fabulous. I didn't look my age until about this time last year when I decided to start my own business. I no longer sleep, ever. And no sleep makes one look old as shit. I still get hit on by high schoolers & dirty old men though. And that's unfortunate. I also have to answer quiz questions about my id. But mostly because in said picture I have black hair & my hair is currently blonde.

  9. I used to work at Perkins during University and I was working the morning shift on a Tuesday when I didnt have class and i was scolded by an old lady for not being in school. I told her that I was in fact 21 and she didn't believe me. She was convinced i was 16 and had dropped out.

  10. I'm 30 and I get I.D.ed all the time still! (Unless I'm with my boyfriend - I never get IDed then!) I work at a college, and earlier this year they were having High School preview days and I got asked if I was a senior - so apparently I can pass for 17?

  11. I've always had this problem too. It was obnoxious in my early 20s, but since crossing 30 I'm so pleased to have this problem instead of looking OLDER than I am

  12. hahaha this is awesome! I've never had that problem. I look older than I am apparently... I get the "OMG you're SO young!"

  13. I def feel you on the young boys hitting on you part, I am 25 but I look 16 and it happens to me all the time lol.


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