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What I wore

Somewhere in my margarita-induced haze, I thought this shirt was green and that I should dance around in it as if I were in a club on St. Patty's Day. There were a few flaws in this thought pattern. For one, this shirt is clearly not green. Second, me and clubs don't go together -- my feet are still sore just from wearing these heels in this photo sesh. Third, I'm clearly just dancing in my bedroom in front of my curtain that I'm so proud of (read that story here). Fourth, these photos are shoddy as hell. Look at that grainy resolution, but guess who has a DSLR now?! THIS GUY. Expect higher quality, hopefully less depressing, photo shoots from now on. In the meantime, feel free judge me for drinking skinny margaritas and dancing in my room alone on a Saturday night. Seriously, you guys, I am a damn catch. 

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  1. it's in the green family.... also how adorable are you right now... if i posted photos of me dancing alone it would be a total failure.

  2. Your outfit is adorable, even if it isn't green! If I tried to take a picture of myself dancing it would probably look more like I was mid-seizure.. Yay about the new camera!

  3. Azz Azz Azz Azz Azz.

    Love you and love that you thought this was a great idea. It was.

  4. Loving that top and the tribal-ish pattern.

  5. You are so freaking cute! Love this post and that outfit! I dance by myself all the time...usually it is in the car ;-)

  6. that outfit is adorable and what's better is that i now respect you more knowing that you also drink alone and have dance parties. WIN.


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