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You're The Best Around

Top c/o Mint Julep Boutique / Pants: Banana Republic / Booties: DSW (sold out - this & this are similar) / Lipstick c/o e.l.f. / Fringe Purse: Target
I don't really believe in ghosts or horoscopes or religion, but sometimes when you total your car, quit your job and end your long-term relationship all within a matter of weeks, you start looking to outside sources for confirmation.
Then you realize that Mars is in retrograde and all the hocus-pocus of the internet tells you not to make any big decisions for several weeks. Well, shit. You start to doubt yourself (while eating your feelings).

Maybe I should turn to a psychoanalyst instead of the internet, but hey, some things are just more financially practical than others.
Lately it's emails. I get emails from "The Universe," Mathias Jakobsen (a handwritten newsletter) and Alexandra Franzen (when I need a push to be a badass content creator). I'm a huge fan of inbox-spiration (I wrote an article about it here), but these three have been especially useful to me lately.
I even read my horoscope occasionally, even though I'd hardly consider myself a Leo, because while I don't believe in a supreme being dictating my life, I do believe in words. Sometimes the words you need are conveniently left out for you to find and sometimes you need to go looking for them.
I've been on the hunt. I need words to direct me to the light, to feel strong in my decisions, to fight the fear and to stay on track. Occasionally the words take me on a ride. Shots, concerts, clubs, creepy guys smelling my hair (seriously), but at times they leave me on the couch, doing a puzzle, watching "The Office" from the beginning for the tenth time and ignoring my to-do list because the thought of paying one more bill paralyzes me. 
But when you're almost finished writing a blog post about finding words that keep you going and your brother texts you the lyrics to this song out of nowhere, you know that even when you forget to look, they'll find you. 

"You're the best around! Nothing's gonna ever keep you down."

PS: Huge thanks to Mint Julep Boutique for sending me this adorable top. If you haven't yet, but sure to check out their shop. They're the cutest.


  1. I love this post because I can so relate! haha And I'm not into horoscopes and planet signs and whatnot, but I've had a bunch of friends posting about all that lately and it made me question my actions. haha

  2. Good to know that I'm not the only one who sometimes needs words "to fight the fear and stay on track." Thank you for your words. And by the way, that top is super cute!


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