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Post Travel Blues + What I Wore

The comedown from a traveling high is no joke. I’ve been struggling. Solipsistic, yes, but I like to keep it real around here, and I got a little too comfortable with the freedom, excitement and adventure that came along with traveling for pretty much all of January.
Dress c/o Tobi / Boots: Jeffrey Campbell (they run small) / Hat: T+C
I ate, drank and went wherever I wanted to for almost an entire month. I saw new things, was scared a fair amount and felt the adrenaline I’d been missing. I didn’t keep up with the comfort of my workout routine while on the road and my sugar consumption was enough to sully everything from my digestive system to my severely broken out skin.
As a result, I came back feeling bored, sad and sorry for myself. I know that’s not fair. I was fortunate to have had those experiences. Skiing in Colorado, bar hopping in Chicago, lobster rolls in Boston, the ER in NYC; so much excitement in a short period of time followed by the aftereffects of poor decision making. I stared at my blotchy skin, the bags under my eyes, the extra padding around my belly and the long stretch ahead without time away from a desk and felt down.

Post Travel Depression Disorder? Is that a thing? If so, I had it and I finally decided it was time to do something about it (aside from Googling how to become a professional travel blogger, that is).
I did some reflecting and decided the first step was to get the workout routine back on track. I’m still using ClassPass, but I’m starting to get bored as the time constraints of a 9-5 (+40 minute commute) limit the classes available to me each day so I’ve been considering other options (like training for a marathon, for example). This month, however, I’ll continue with morning CP workouts and strive to be as consistent as possible. This week so far I’m three for three.
Next I’m cleaning up the diet. Once upon a time, I ate an almost entirely Paleo diet, but these days I haven’t had a problem with slurping down sodas and letting all the bad habits I got rid of back here come right back to me. Long story short, I’m doing another Whole30. My third Paleo cleanse, and I plan to document it extensively so I can come back here and help any of you who might want to follow in my footsteps.

Side note:  if you’re interested in participating in it with me in real-time, comment below or email me -! Let’s do this together. I have a tentative start date of Monday, 2/22 or Tuesday, 3/1. Any thoughts? If you’re intrigued but have no clue what I’m talking about, read about the program here and check out this article I wrote about it back in the day.
Lastly, I’m working on a project. It’s going to be a large undertaking, but the more I think, talk and obsessively jot down notes about it, the more I think it has to happen. I’m not going to give away too many details just yet, but I think having a big, creative project in the works is another way to keep my brain occupied, challenged and pumping endorphins through me.
It’s time to shake this PTDD once and for all… so I can plan my next trip.
Oh, and how rad is this dress from Tobi? The wonderful team over there sent me several pieces that I’ll be styling throughout the month and I can’t wait to show them to you. I seriously love that store.

Have you ever experience post-travel let down? How did you deal?


  1. Get after all of the things that are going to make you happy again. I'm excited about your Whole30, oh man I want to so badly and can think of every reason why I should but then I get sad because of the CHEERS I'll miss out on with my big things coming up in the next week and.... sigh, St Paddy's? Is there ever a good time? Let's chat more.

  2. Love this outfit! So cute and perfect.
    Post travel depression disorder is so a thing. It is so hard coming back after travelling and you definitely need to thrust yourself into a great routine which you're obviously going to be on top of! Good luck with the disorder haha :)
    Kyah /

  3. I love swing dresses like this! And you look adorable with the hat!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  4. Post travel blues are no joke! Sounds like you have a good plan tho. Your outfit is super cute too!!

  5. Project? Talk to me...

  6. I love the hat! Post travel blues can be so hard to overcome sometimes! Coming home from Thailand (my first solo trip) and it taking me over 3 months to start feeling at home again.


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