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Boston Adventures

The second half of last week was spent in THE coolest hotel of all time on the water in Boston. The Envoy has a badass rooftop bar open during the summer, but even though it was closed, I was smitten with the interior decorating of the hotel itself. There was a half-bicycle for a TV stand, a leather recliner, a sliding glass map door that served as decoration and as a door to the shower -- which was like natural rain sprinkling on me in paradise. The room service food was phenomenal - I got a bacon and onion flatbread with goat cheese - the TV streamed Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, etc. and the in-room snacks (although crazy expensive) were all those organic, healthy, local, hippie snacks that you know I love. I almost didn't want to leave the hotel, but when I did I discovered some incredible food and friendly people. Here are the spots I hit:

Drink - This trendy speakeasy-type bar is super rad. You have to walk down into a basement to get to it, and there ironically aren't any drinks on the menu, just appetizers. The servers walk up and get a feel for what you like. I told our server I was into Moscow mules and he came back with a bourbon concoction with tons of fresh ginger. It was delicious -- strong, but delicious. It has a cool ambience and would be perfect for a date since it isn't too rowdy.

James Hook & Co - Come here for the lobster rolls and ridiculously nice folks running this small but mighty establishment. The lobsters themselves are swimming around in the tank as you walk in. Is that creepy or awesome? I can't decide, but either way check this place out.

Giacomo's - There might just be a full-on crazytown line at this spot because it's a tiny authentic Italian restaurant in the North End, but it's so worth it. I got the frutti de mar and my lovely local friend got the lobster ravioli. They were both so, so freakin' good. Afterward go to the bakery next door for fancy cannoli.

Flour Cafe - This cute little cafe has huge and decadent sticky buns in addition to normal breakfast sandwiches, lattes, baked goods, etc. I got the sticky bun though, and I do it again.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace - I walked around historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace to get out of the cold, and I found a Cheers-themed restaurant and gift shop, tons of lobster-themed gifts, Boston baked beans and a billion food vendors. There are also tons of places to shop around here, if you're into that sort of thing.

Have you been to Boston? Where did you eat?


  1. All of that food looks and sounds delicious! That hotel sounds amazing :D Glad you had such a wonderful time!

  2. Giacomo's and flour were two of my favorite there too! Such a fun city.


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