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Faux Leather & Florals

   You know how sometimes you buy an article of clothing even though you feel kind of ‘meh’ about it? Okay, maybe it’s a weird thing to do, but more often than not it’s the piece I wasn’t expecting to love that takes me by surprise, so I take chances when online shopping.
When I opened the package containing these boots, I did not think they’d get any play and now they’re scuffed to hell because I can’t stop wearing them.
It’s kind of like that awful adage about dating someone who isn’t your “type” and next thing you know you’re posting those obnoxious “OMGIGETTOMARRYMYBESTFRIEND” announcements on Facebook.
Side note: does anyone else secretly wish that one of the more unstable acquaintances still linked to you through the FB connection will get turned down and publish a “She said no :(“ post?
Next time someone asks me why I'm not married, I'll kindly direct them to this blog.
Anyway, that’s how I felt about this shirt. I ordered it from Stitch Fix back when I was working for them (so I can't even try to sell it to you - figures) because I thought the back was cool, but I was convinced I’d be over the floral print in no time. I was so wrong. This is my go-to for the bars.
It’s all kinds of versatile because when tucked into a formal pencil skirt and heels, it’s office-appropriate and when paired with distressed black denim, a leather jacket and a sexy AF statement necklace, it’s rock’n roll time.
*And now for a hair tossing interlude*

From there all you need is a cinderblock wall and the few minutes right before the sun sets and you’re golden.
Oh, and if you want one of these badass necklaces too, use the code 'mackensieg' to get 20% anything on the Mirina site.

Do you ever go into a purchase thinking it's boring and come out with a new fave?

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  1. Love the outfit! I had no idea you used to work for Stitchfix. Is it everything awesome as I'm imagining it is?

  2. Oh Rose, you play with my heart! Looking great!

  3. Why are you so cute! lookin' like a badass! :)

  4. I love that floral print on your top. And what a statement necklace!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane


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