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I'm not a fan of blog breaks (mainly because when my favorite bloggers do it without notice, it affects me on an emotional level), but here's the thing: since I last saw you I've been in four different states, six different cities and way too many time zones to even know what day it is. I'd like to say I'm back and everything is going to go as smoothly as my cutesy little ban.do planner says it's going to, but I doubt it. I'm spending next week in New York City and Boston (again), so shit's going to continue on the course of cray. 
I'm not upset about it except for the fact that I'm out of Cloud storage and must now resort to dumping ALL the photos on you at once because who knows when I'll have access to both phone and laptop wifi at the same time (and without being crowded by fold-out tables and distracted by buckle-your-seatbelt dings)?
Here's the update on my life in a parenthetical nutshell series: My apartment is disgusting (I'm just gonna pack that suitcase again, what's the point?). My diet is garbage (helloooo Ginger-ale, plane cookies and AMAZING big city food). ClassPass is being sorely neglected (where did you go, abs?). Skiing is hard (but not as hard a snowboarding). Altitude sickness sucks (spent one full day in bed). I love Colorado (time to move again?). I took a lot of photos (duh).
Life is good.

How's your 2016 looking so far?


  1. Thank you for the photos! I love the hashtag and need you to fill instagram with all of your beautiful FREEDOM.

  2. Love the photos! I can't wait to hear about all of the places you've been.

  3. oh my goodness i'm so envious of your travels b ut i'm so happy you're living the best life in 2016!! <3


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