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I Confess..

It's time for confessions, friends. Here goes:

I’m still so confused about the time. Like, I’m trying to wake up at 2:30am to go workout, I’m starving by 3pm and I’m in bed snoring by 8pm. Three hours didn’t used to mess me up this bad.

Over the past two weeks, I worked out a grand total of three times, four if you count walking 10 miles in Diagon Alley/Hogsmeade. And now that everyone’s getting their new year’s resolutions on, I’m over it. Skipped class this morning and SO sore from the first workout of 2016 on Tuesday.

My first “home cooked” meals of 2016 have been: Ramen Noodles and a frozen Chik’n Patty.

My sausage dog looks more like a Slim Jim these days because she refused to eat while I was gone.

Turns out when it rains for a week straight after not raining for three years, little bratty brats like myself just stop trying. What’s a hairdryer? What is makeup? Oh, this anorak with my name and sorority letters from college looks suitable for work!

I kind of want to punch whatever record label thinks it’s okay to allow singers to cover CURRENTLY popular songs and repackage them as new songs to overplay again on the radio. Some of us have decade-old cars and rely on FM radio, okay? It’s bad enough I have to battle commercials, don’t make me listen to some Glee-wannabes cover “Hotline Bling.”

BUT I’ve been oddly into some electronic stuff lately. I cannot get enough of "Roses" by The Chainsmokers. I smell a playlist coming on.

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  1. Interesting and fun read! I also can't deal with the rainy days right now. Last month, I was all kinds of messed up with my sleep schedule after traveling. But now I'm back. Maybe you have to force yourself to get up at 6 or 7 am and not take any midday naps. Cute coat!


  2. I've definitely been listening to Roses too! Is it bad that most of the t-shirts I work out in and sleep in are all my old sorority t-shirts? I think everyone at the gym thinks I'm 18.

  3. Girl, I hear ya on the "home cooked meals" this year. Ramen is a classic in my house.

  4. Electronic music dance parties for the win!

  5. YAS I've had Roses on constant repeat for weeks. So good. It's even on my yoga playlist

  6. Haha ramen noodles for the win!


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