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5 Times My Blog Posts Didn't Go Viral

I guess the title of this post is a little misleading..

Just to be clear, all of my posts could be on this list considering how none of them have gone viral. BUT this is a list of articles that I wrote first, watched them not go viral and then saw someone else write them afterward for high-traffic sites that subsequently made the same articles go viral. 

It's a conspiracy, I tell you!

I kid. This is mostly just an excuse to show off old posts, but shhhh!

Here we go. 

5 times my blog posts didn't go viral

1. Running Thoughts 

July 2013: Thoughts While Running
Back in July of 2013, I mused about the incredibly profound thoughts that go through this brain of mine while I'm on a run, broken up into the oh-so-clever good days, bad days and regardless categories. 

April 2014: Thoughts Every Jogger Has While Out For a Run
Fast forward to April of 2014, and Buzzfeed is throwing out 75 whole thoughts us joggers have! I must say I was disappointed in the lack of Shakira references.. but 10 points to Gyffindor for the Forrest Gump gif.

2. Baby Face

March 2014: Pros and Cons of Looking Like a Child

I debuted my sexy ass onesie in this one (in which my own brother, in all seriousness, asked if the photo was taken when I was 12. I was 24.), as I discussed the positive and negative aspects of having the face of a child. To be fair, this one did get some play on Reddit which made me WAY too happy.

May 2014Problems Anyone With a Baby Face Will Relate To
Then a mere two months later, Buzzfeed informed us, with a rather creepy featured image I might add, the problems us baby facers face. Way to focus on the negatives, bro.

3. Being 25 & Learning Things

August 2014: 25 Things I Learned in 25 Years
I turned 25 and suddenly felt much wiser. Naturally I had to share this wisdom with the internet.

September 2015: 25 Things You Should Learn Before You Turn 25
I'm not sure how you're supposed to learn all these things, but according to Thought Catalog you just should. I especially enjoy the subtle difference between numbers 8 and 9. Genius.

4. Being Drunk

November 2012: When I Drink
Back in 2012 I was very concerned with letting everyone know how poorly I tolerate my booze. This gif-laden post was a result, showing the process from goofy dances to barfing my guts out.

February 2014: The Story of the First Time You Got Drunk in 25 Gifs
Then a couple years later, Buzzfeed confirmed what I already feared -- my every drinking experience is akin to the rest of the world's very first drinking experience.

5. Weird Ass Song Lyrics

Okay, fine, they beat me to this one, but still..

April 2013: The Most Mind Bogglingly Stupid Song Lyrics of All Time
I'm constantly judging song lyrics. CONSTANTLY.

July 2013: Songs That Make You Go Hmm
I don't believe there's a single repeat! That's how many terrible songs there are in this world! 


  1. ha-ha You're a professional, I tell you! Your wildest dreams are about to come true!

  2. I love this post! I always think I've written the best blog post ever... that everyone will love.... then I get 50 views haha


  3. Story of my life! One day we'll make it go viral, girl. One day.

  4. Lol sometimes I write a post and then weeks later im like hmmm... maybe everyone just missed it bc that was a busy day... for... everyone? lol!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  5. NOTHING drives me crazier than writing a post about something and seeing a very similar article/theme go up on a Buzzfeed-type site afterwards. In my delusional mind someone who works at the popular publisher saw my post and stole it, Fat Jew style. Haha. I also just wrote a post ranting about random things -- one of them being about ill-placed stickers on things you buy at like, Home Goods or whatever -- and the next day Marshalls posted something about a big sale on their FB page and posted a pic with a tea kettle with a huge sticker on it. Everyone in the comments went ballistic, complaining about the stickers. I wanted to be like, PLEASE READ MY POST I JUST WROTE ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!! Sigh. Maybe one day we'll go viral...


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