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Christmas in Florida

It's a pretty sweet feeling going from Thanksgiving in the snowy Tahoe mountains to Christmas in sunny, 80-degree Florida. Christmas eve was filled with laughter and dominos while Christmas day was filled with candy comas and thoughtful presents, followed by an unexpected long-distance scavenger hunt by my guy that had me solving riddles, singing with my mom, dancing with my parents' pup and painting my nose red like Rudolph.

Then, to make my Christmas one of the best ever, my brother and I went to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios to see the newest additions to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (last time I was there was for my moving-to-CA bucket list) -- it's FREAKING amazing, you guys. Just look at those details. That goblin in Gringotts is animatronic, but as a kid I would've sworn up and down that this was the real deal. Finally I would've gotten to go to Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express and fulfill my destiny as a witch.

Other than that, my time in Florida has included catching up with old friends, loving on my family, playing in the pool and baking all the things (like that apple pie up there and these cookies). I fly back home to snuggle my sausage dog on Sunday, so I'm going to try to soak in these last few days as much as possible.

How was your Christmas/day off?


  1. Love Love Love the scavenger hunt details. What a sweet dude who loves you dearly.

  2. What a sweet gift from you guy! Love seeing these pics from the Wizarding World; I'm planning my own trip for the spring right now! :)

  3. The details in Harry Potter world are seriously stunning!


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