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Faux Leather Skirt Styling Tips

Faux Leather Skirt + White Blouse
Skirt: Zara / Blouse: Pleione / Heels: Betsy Johnson c/o ThredUp
Faux Leather Skirt + White Blouse

Faux Leather Skirt + White Blouse

Faux Leather Skirt + White Blouse

Faux Leather Skirt + White Blouse

The (faux) leather dilemma: the myth that only certified badasses are allowed to rock animal-skin-like materials and the fear that you will be revealed as a phony if you are caught trying to rock it.

The dilemma is real, y’all. It’s equal parts terrifying and unfounded, much like pigmalabiaphobia.

I’d like to think I’m not a rule follower, that I don’t need to be held within the confines of societal expectations, that I could jump a fence that says ‘no-trespassing’ without hesitation and yell, "DAMN THE MAN," but it’s just not true.

I remember eyeing the recess rebels who ran up the slide and down the ladder with mad envy when I was a square of a second grader. I cringed and darted my eyes around in paralyzing fear as my carefree collegiate peers broke into the football stadium at 2am, and even now I get heart palpitations when asking for time off work.

Radical, I am not, but you know what I refuse to do? I refuse to let the little voice inside my head tell me I'm not cool enough to wear leather. I am cool enough, dammit! And you are too. Especially when it's in the shape of a pencil skirt, a profesh-to-death button down blouse and some velvety black pumps. TRY not to give me a promotion in this outfit, I dare you!  I kid, but I am really into this skirt (that's a small for reference). I found it at Zara and here's a fun fact: I can only pull it on over my head #bigbootyprobz. Pretty sure I need this one too.

This faux-leather skirt would also pair nicely with a chambray top (I love mixing textures), black sweater or a plain ole white tee. Shoot, add the OTK boots too, and you've got yourself an edgy look that you deserve to wear confidently.

Tell me, what trends do love but get nervous about executing? 


  1. The key to pulling something outrageous off: believing you can pull it off! I, on the other hand, cannot pull off khakis even though every time I have to wear them to work I try to tell myself I'm pulling them off.

  2. I used to be nervous to wear printed trousers but now am in love with them!! you look fab!



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