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I confess..

I confess..

+That I'm a day late for confessions. #typical
+I had no idea Gwen Stefani was on this 90s track until today.
+Last week I went to bootcamp Monday morning. It was a class of 18 and we were split up into three groups, so my group of six was at one end of the class doing box jumps while the other two groups just happened to ALL be facing us. Naturally, I missed the box part of the box jump and landed on my left shin, leaving a long, ugly bruise/rug burn situation and destroying all dignity I once thought I had.
+The following Wednesday, I met a girl in an entirely different gym's bootcamp who saw me eat shit on Monday. Now we're friends. I assume because I'm embarrassing and people like being friends with people who aren't intimidating.
+I still have gnarly bruises ALL over my left leg.
+I read an article the other day about how Spotify is keeping track of every song we listen to, how many times we listen to them and all kinds of other creepy listening habit data. I'm now scared to find out how many times I've listened to this and this over the past few months.
+ I found Nerds in my purse from Halloween, so I put them in my normal purse and ate them before 9am.
+I had a salad from Whole Foods for lunch and I was so hungry by 5pm that I immediately went to In-N-Out for dinner.
+I'm obsessed with every single person participating in the #PLUCKYtoNOTHIN Instagram challenge.

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  1. ah man i am embarrassed to admit how much i love both of those songs too.

  2. If I found Nerds in my purse, they wouldn't even make it into the next purse. So congrats on being stronger than me when it comes to willpower regarding 100% sugar edibles.

  3. The same thing happened to me this morning with a pack of oreos. Sometimes you just have to start your day off with some goodies!


  4. My Spotify history could seriously embarrass me! haha

  5. ROFL at the nerds in your purse. Don't feel bad. I'd do that too :) XO Ellen from Ask Away


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