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#PLUCKYtoNOTHIN Photo Roundup + Links

#PLUCKYtoNOTHIN November Instagram Challenge
Happy Friday, friends! The #PLUCKYtoNOTHIN November Instagram Challenge is going strong, so let's make the next two weeks straight 'roided out, whatayasay? If you haven't already, start posting photos semi-related (or not) to the daily prompts with the hashtag #PLUCKYtoNOTHIN and share the prompts (here) with all your internet friends -- all participants are entered to win some pretty #basic prizes (in the best way possible)! Every time a new person joins in the challenge, I barf out rainbows without the help of Snapchat, so you know you want to do it. Just look at all those cool kids you want to hang out with up there!

Anyway, since you presumably have eight hours to get through before #effedupfriday (jk, the prompt today is 'road'), here are some links to help you procrastinate:

+Pale and proud, no matter how much it annoys people.
+I'm obsessed with this free, creative commons photo pack from Pink Pot.
+This sweet map shows where many great American novels take place.
+20 reasons to be offended by the red Starbucks cup (lol).
+Helene introduced me to this awesome blogging tool in her webinar with Tay!
+I've often wondered what "natural" on a food label meant, and now we get to decide.
+Another powerful piece on depression: "So if you’re out there living with this shit, know I love you. Know other people love you. Let them help you. You don’t have to be your depression. Go be you."

Happy weekending!


  1. that effing Starbucks cup nonsense..... ugh.

  2. YAY I got featured!!! I loved Tay's take on the red cup too, and I can't wait to try out that IFTTT from the webinar!

  3. This is so cool! I definitely wanna get involved with the insta for what's left of this month


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