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I Confess

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It's been a minute since I confessed anything around here, but that's all about to change, amigos. Plucky in Love is taking over Wednesday's confessional linkup and I'm psyched, so let's do some confessing, shall we?

I confess..

+I had my first PSL of the season the other day and in true basic bitch fashion, I brought it on a hike for which I forgot water and during which I Snapchatted incessantly (add me @marymackensie).

+I went to a barre class the other night and it was the first one I'd been to without my #swolemates in a while, so naturally I slammed my forehead into the mirror in between pliés at the bar. I neurotically giggle-screamed and the chick next to me wasn't amused.

+I stepped in dog poo before driving to work. Didn't find it until my desk smelled a whole lot like excrement. I never explained this to my desk-mates.

+I ran out of tampons in the abyss that is my purse and was forced to pay 25 cents to the antiquated tampon-dispenser machine for the first time in, oh maybe, ever. Turns out those effers are the cardboard monstrosities that barely even count as real tampons and to top it off, they were regulars. PSA: If a lady is turning to a quarter machine for a last-ditch tampon situation, they should at least be supers.

+I tried to actually put on makeup in the morning and dropped my foundation in the toilet.

+I.Can't.Stop.Buying.Clothes. Online shopping is dangerous.

+When ordering a giant sub with excessive mayo and mustard all over it, I never ever grab napkins. When I'm eating salad, however, I grab 15. I'm always too hungry to make another trip to the napkin dispenser, so I end up with a mayo-stache.

+I actually really like this song.

Go link up your confessions with the Plucky one here!

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  1. LMAO on the dog poop confession. That sucks! Losing your foundation to the toilet that sucks even more. At least it's Humpday and only 2 more days til the weekend. Oh and I really like the new Beiber song. Who would've thought. His recent music ain't half bad.

    Happy Humpday ♥


  2. One of my #goatdogs either stepped in poop or ate poop before coming in last night. It was all I could smell.
    I always grab a ridiculous amount of napkins and then only use one and feel guilty for "wasting" all the napkins. Some of which end up in my car, and then I have an abundance of napkins just chillin' in my arm rest.

  3. Online shopping is so dangerous. I could do it all day long if I had the funds. My guilty pleasure is loading up the cart and then closing out the window, all the fun of shopping, minus the cost and the actual arrival of the goodies. Also I cracked up about the tampon thing - I cringe even thinking about using the quarter one in the bathroom! Hopefully you survived unscathed.

  4. I really want someone to understand why I am still an adult and responsible and grown-up and everything, but currently loving all of Justin Beiber's latest releases. The one you linked is one of my current happy songs.

  5. hahaha I love your confessions, they're my favorite. :) And I'm so with you on the tampon dispensers. They're the worst and yet, better than nothing.

  6. I cant even tell you how many times I am like ohhhh this song is catchy. I dig it!!! Then I Shazam it and realize it is a Bieber song. Oh the shame!!!

  7. my god, I love you. I'm actually certain that we could be the main characters in a sitcom about people who hit their heads too often. let's be friends? okay, great. good talk. <3

  8. Oh my god hahaha I would totally drop my foundation in the toilet too! And online shopping is way too dangerous! I keep buying Harry Potter stuff that my friends keep tagging me in! It's so cheap and awesome!

  9. This is hilarious and makes me miss you so much more. I confess I'm obsessed with you and disappointed in us for not seeing each other in like 2 weeks :(


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