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Aurorae Yoga Resistance Bands Giveaway

Aurorae Yoga Resistance Bands

Aurorae Yoga Bands Workout

Aurorae Yoga Resistance Bands Workout

Aurorae Yoga Resistance Bands Workout

Aurorae Resistance Bands
For the past couple years, I was pretty broke TBH. Let's just be honest. Living out here ain't cheap, and you know I'm for real because I just used the word 'ain't.' Even though fitness has always been a priority of mine, I didn't have the means to shell out membership fees each month. Since running has been my weapon of choice for quite a while (and just so happens to be free), I didn't think much of my lack of muscle and when I started to get deep into the archives of free TIU workouts, I finally invested in a yoga mat, 5-pound and 10-pound dumbbells. Even those were pretty restrictive though, and it was the opposite of fun trying to pack those dumbbells up for each move.

These Aurorae Yoga Resistance Bands, however, would've been the perfect alternative. I'd never really considered using bands instead of weights, but turns out I should've. These guys are super versatile since they provide full range of motion and you get to control how much resistance there is. This set comes with padded handles, an ankle strap and a door anchor in addition to a book of workouts and carrying case. Aurorae sent these over for me to try out, and after getting my sweat on with them in Point Richmond over the weekend (have you ever tried hiking with free weights? Not happening.), I'm stoked to announce that you could win a set of these bad boys for your own fitness adventures.

Enter below, and check back next Thursday to see who won.
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*Only available to U.S. readers -- sorry, friends!*
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What's your favorite low-cost workout?


  1. Yoga/workout videos on YouTube have been my go-to for years!

  2. My number one fitness goal right now is to keep getting better times on my two-mile runs!

  3. My number one goal is to lose abdominal fat right now.


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