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Bex's Creative Cocktail: Tea-quila

Happy Friday! Bex's Creative Cocktails series returns and this time with a steamy tequila number. Check out "Tea-quila" below and see the rest of Bex's concoctions here.

If you’re cold, have a cold, or feel like you’re getting a cold—let some tequila help you out and make it all alright. I swear it’s totally a thing. Ok, I'd like to see it become a thing. But with the weather taking a turn and us starting to bundle up, we might as well start bringing in the hot cocktails to warm our hearts and clear our minds. So here’s my latest concoction, “Tea-quila” a tea-like splendor of tequila, ginger and peaches. Cleansing, toasty, and awakening. Try this peach sweater on for size.

  • 2 oz Tequila
  • ½ oz Canton (Ginger Liqueur)
  • Half of a small white peach
  • 2 Pure sugar cane cubes
  • Boiling Water 
*Rinse a mug or heatproof glass with boiling water to warm it. Add peach slices and sugar, and muddle ingredients with 1 oz of boiling water. Add and stir tequila and Canton. Finish by adding and stirring another 1 oz of boiling water to bring the heat back up. Garnish with dried white peach slice. Recommendations and fun ideas are welcome! 

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Original photo and recipe by Becca Wyant. All rights reserved.

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  1. Oooh I'll have to tell my roommate. She loves tea and tequila so win for her!


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