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What I Wore

Prescription Eyeglasses c/o GlassesShop // Shirt: Target // Leggings: Old Navy // Boots: Lucky Brand

It's been about a year and half since I got my first pair of prescription glasses (but that's not to say I didn't dabble in the non-prescription realm a time or two before then..). My trusty frames have done me well during their tenure. I've gotten a few "oooh chic" comments, a couple unwelcome "they're too big for your face" comments and even, on one special occasion, "hey, nerd, help me out," from a homeless gentleman on the sidewalk. It's been a bumpy ride, but every great love story is, am I right?

I've been happy with my large, statement-making specs for a while now, but as time and life has worn on them they've loosened and they like to slide off my nose at inconvenient times. Needless to say I was pretty psyched to try out a new pair from GlassesShop when they contacted me. I picked a funky yet more subtle frame in shades of brown with metallic accents reminiscent of the pair my mom rocked 20 years ago, but there are tons of cheap glasses on their site as well as a first pair free promotion--all you pay for is shipping. You can also use the code GSHOT50 to get half off a pair of sunglasses while you're at it. Done and done.

My glasses arrived quickly and the only tricky part was figuring out how many mm are in an inch and measuring my pupillary distance (why don't eye doctors measure that for you and more importantly, why don't we use the metric system?). I'm also pretty obsessed with these new boots, but these 90-degree daily temps are putting a damper on my fall attire-induced excitement, so we'll discuss those bad boys at a later date.

Have you ever ordered glasses from GlassesShop? What do you think of my new specs?

PS: We have a winner of the Aurorae Yoga Resistance Bands giveaway! Click here to see if it's you!


  1. I LOVE the glasses shop! That's where I get all of my glasses! And I have like a million pairs! Also, you're adorable and I ♥ you.

  2. Super cute! If I wore glasses I'd probably get a very similar pair. :)


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