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I confess..

I didn't notice until a good 24 hours after publishing this post that I spelled "fashion" wrong in the title. No, I didn't want to discuss fall fashon. I'm not the cow from Chick-Fil-A and I know how to spell things. Now it's forever engraved on my Facebook fanpage. Reputation tarnished. Thanks for telling me, guys. #rude

Sober October was hard over the weekend. Since my two workout buddies have been playing along with me this month, it's been fairly easy to stick to thus far, but large crowds + EDM + terrible comedians (seriously, if you ever get the chance to see Tim Heidecker perform live, DON'T.) = me wanting to get my drink on. But I didn't.

I think I just replaced alcohol with sweets. I ordered a cookie at Subway the other day, then forced myself not to get bubble tea afterwards just to walk into CVS to buy sour gummy worms.

On the upside, I've been nailing my 6am workouts for, like, 4 weeks straight. This a feat I never ever thought possible. I'm SO not a morning person and I'm not exaggerating; take the bootcamp I went to last week for example. I was so out of it on the way there that I parked Ol' Betty in a very obvious tow away zone and didn't notice until I got back. LUCKILY the towers were still asleep.

I'm super jealous that my Plucky friend is in the Bahamas without me this week. BUT I'm peeing my pants over a super secret project we'll be announcing on SUNDAY. Stay tuned!

I've never actually tried to write the word milquetoast. I surprisingly and vaguely knew what it meant, but up until this very day, I would've without-a-doubt spelled it 'milktoast'. I'M A FRAUD.

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  1. Oops, I forgot about Sober October! I would have been throwing motivation and support at you if I'd remembered. But super proud of you for holding fast to it over the weekend. Way to kill it on those workouts too lady!

  2. hahaha love these. I honestly didn't even notice the spelling error... Sorry about that! I'll be a better grammar friend in the future. ;)

  3. Sober October has not happened in my world and I can't say that November or December look too doable either. I will be patient and wait like the rest of blog-world but WHAT'S HAPPENING SUNDAY!?

  4. hahaha Sober October seems impossible to me... and I barely drink to begin with!
    I'm so impressed by you 6am workouts! I wouldn't be able to handle 6am even if it was to save my life. I can barely handle 9am!


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