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DIY Instagram Photo Wall Hanging

One to Nothin: DIY Photo Wall Hanging

One to Nothin: DIY Photo Wall Hanging

One to Nothin: DIY Photo Wall Hanging

One of my October goals was to make my apartment more homey, so after the big furniture was inside and semi-situated, I got right to work printing photos. I actually can't remember the last time I printed a photo despite taking them constantly, so I was psyched to hold actual, real life photos in my hands. 

I used PostalPix to print photos straight from Instagram and they were delivered to my house within a week. I've never tried any other similar services (I know they're out there), so if you have other suggestions please share! PostalPix was the first I came across, but the photos were great quality and it was a very easy process. I printed 30 photos and my total was around $15, so while it's not the cheapest option, you can't beat the convenience factor.

This a super straight forward project, but hey, I figured I'd give a tutorial anyway because it's Thursday. And if we can't talk DIY projects on Thursdays, when can we?

+30 photos
+30 miniature clothes pins (I found mine at Michael's)
+6 push-pins or nails
+A patient friend for hanging purposes

Cut three pieces of string that are all the same length. I decided to lay out the three pieces of string on the table (horizontally with one on top of the other) to coordinate the photos by color beforehand (you might want to skip this step if you're not a freak). I found that it was easier to hang the string first and clip on the photos second, so I spent quite some time trying to get the strings evenly distributed (with the help of a newly acquired roommate), but eventually I had three parallel strings stuck in the wall with pushpins. I then used the mini clothes pins to clip on the photos (10 on each line) in the pre-determined order. These clothes pins had a nice little hollow bit in the middle, so it was easy to adjust the spacing between photos once they were hanging up.

And there you have it. All those hours spent on Instagram suddenly validated. Sort of.

Who's making one of these this weekend?

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