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Fall Fashion: Jackets, Dresses, Skirts

One to Nothin': Fall Fashion Trends

Guys, fall fashion is my jam. This season especially because I'm pretty fond of fringe, suede and denim, which just so happen to be everywhere right now. These are some of my fall picks from Shein, the women's online clothing shop I've been working with recently (and where I got this jacket!).

In the SF Bay Area, lightweight jackets are everything. It's never really cold enough for a coat, but it's pretty much guaranteed that even on a 90-degree day it'll be 50 and foggy by the time the sun goes down, so visitors tip: bring layers!

Fringe Blanket Coat - This weekend I literally wore a blanket around at the Treasure Island Music Festival, so I say the comfier, more blanket-like the better and viva la neutrals! This coat would go with anything.

Faux Leather Jacket - There's just something about a (faux) leather jacket that makes you feel like a certified badass. I'm feeling the textured detailing on this one.

Suede Jacket - Does this jacket remind anyone else of Sloane Peterson? Ferris Bueller's lady-friend has pretty much been my fashion icon since I was 12.

I think dresses are the easiest thing to wear in general. It's just one piece and the rest is all about accessorizing for the occasion. Keep it casual during the day with sandals and a floppy hat, then add a jacket, tights and booties at night. Dresses are where I add color and complicated patterns because, as shown above, I keep all else neutral.
Floral Boho Dress - I love loose fitting dresses, probably because they feel like pjs and I can eat family-sized bags of sour cream and onion chips without worrying about the little pooch where I keep my extra cookies.

Vintage Print Dress - I'd rock this dress with any of the above jackets. And a floppy hat. Always a floppy hat.

Grey Cowl Neck Dress - I'm into the neck deets recently, guys. Show your neckline some love with a cowl or turtleneck and skip the how-do-I-tie-this-ginormous-scarf confusion (I kid, you know I love that confusion).

I avoided skirts for way too long, friends. I'm bringing them back into my closet with vengeance. I shied away because shirt/skirt pairing seemed complicated, but they're too cute to stay away. I recently bought a bunch of (you guessed it) neutral button-down blouses and they're on serious rotation.

Fringe Skirt - Again with the fringe. It just makes me so happy. I just want to twirl all day, son!

Jean Skirt - The jean skirt is back! But not the kind you used to wear from Hollister in 8th grade. Keep the fringe limited to suede and let your vintage denim skirt situation be buttoned up like so.

Scalloped Black Skirt - I pretty much want all my skirts to be high-waisted and sometimes it's tough (if you have a giant rear and a significant smaller waist, ahem..), but finding the one that fits just right results in the flattering-ist of the flattering clothing articles--so don't settle for ill-fitting skirts.

What trends are you loving this season?


  1. I love that scalloped black skirt, it's so cute!

    xo, Liz

  2. big, BIG fan of fringe. and ponchos. gimme all the fringed ponchos. i realize there are no ponchos here but i just needed you to know i love them.


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