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Nourish Organic Review

You guys might already know this about me, but I've got a thing for beauty products. I often talk about my obsession with music festivals, vegan pizza and sausage dogs around here, but my love of girly girl things only shows itself every now and then. My makeup routine usually looks like this, but believe it or not, I used to play with makeup for a living; so when Nourish Organic asked if I'd like to try out some all-natural, vegan products, I happily obliged. These products seemed legit because of their USDA-certified organic status, gorgeous packaging made from recycled-materials and cruelty-free facilities. These are all huge wins, but anyone who's ever unsuccessfully tried to wear all-natural deodorant knows that doesn't necessarily mean they'll work for their intended purpose, am I right? Read on for my thoughts on each.
Almond Vanilla Body Wash: This stuff smells like baked goods and leaves your skin feeling clean, like soap clean. I was worried it might dry me out, but it didn't and I somehow stopped myself from giving it a taste. 
Cucumber + Watercress Face Cleanser: This is exactly the kind of face wash I've been looking for lately. It's gentle, free of chemicals, removes makeup and excess oil but doesn't over dry, and it's for the most part fragrance free.
Avocado + Argan Oil Eye Treatment:This stuff is my favorite. I love using it in the morning--sometimes not even the 'ffeine can pry my puffy eyes all the way open. It calms down that finicky under-eye area by delivering avocado and argan oil with a cool, metal applicator. I like to put it on after washing, before lotion. 
Almond Vanilla Deodorant Cream: The deodorant was the real test, guys. I've seen such products fall flat and the moment you realize your deodorant is ineffective is not a good moment. I've tried this bad boy out a few times when I knew I could make a quick escape if need be, and I'm happy to report that I'd rely on it for trips farther than around the block. It kept me smelling fresh even after a 2-mile walk in 80-degree heat with the sausage dog. If you try this stuff, remember that less is more. I accidentally tried to smear on a couple cranks worth of cream and it crumbled all over the place. If you have portion control issues like I do, try the stick version.
Replenishing Argan Oil Balm: I'm all for simple application, so this argan oil balm was a hit for me. You twist it up like a glue stick and glide it all over. It says it's for face and body; I've yet to try it on my face, but it felt lovely on my skin and was a fun alternative to more traditional lotions and oils.
Rosehip & Rosewater Body Oil Mist: This body mist makes me feel like a queen. Bow down, bitches. It's time for my rosewater body oil shower. Really though, it's great. I've tested out oil samples before and had no clue how to apply them. This spray bottle leaves no questions unanswered, the mist smells awesome and it's the perfect dose of royalty after a hot shower (or bath if you queens happen to be #blessed with a functional drain stopper).
I'm super pumped about the quality of these products as a whole. They'll definitely be in heavy rotation from here on out. I love knowing exactly what I'm putting on and in my body and I especially love knowing that no animals were harmed in the process.
Enjoy the dramz of this here selfie, and then check out the rest of the Nourish Organic products here.

Have you ever tried any of these products before? What did you think?

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