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What I wore

Dress: Target / Heels: Target / Necklace: Birthday Present!

Photos are strange and fascinating. They help us measure, feel, enjoy and savor life's moments, but they're just a flash. A slice of time, quick, definite, sometimes beautiful and often times deceiving. A few minutes after these photos were taken, the sky was black. The only light from a smoking fire and the glow of iPhone screens searching for service. The dress ditched in favor of a tie dyed t-shirt and cloth shorts, the heels kicked off long before that, and the piggyback ride across the street so sandy toes weren't shoved back into platforms was never documented. It happened though. Maybe I'll look back at these photos years from now and remember giggling through that piggyback ride, or maybe I'll roll my eyes at how terrible my photo editing skills were or maybe I'll sigh a nostalgic kind of sigh remembering how I used to live in this breath-taking place where a three-hour drive brought me to mountains and redwoods and azure water. I'll think about how that flip at the back of my hair used to drive me nuts and how jumping in the sunset was one of my favorite pastimes. I'll want to slap myself for thinking I was getting old back when I was just 26 and I'll probably remember when and how these shoes came to their end (I'm betting on Vegas).

PS: Have you ever tried to wear heels on the beach? It's not easy, but it is possible. Wanna know what isn't possible? Wearing heels on rocks. That, my friends, is just dangerous. Not only did I get photo-bombed by a cop, but I also scuffed them up and almost broke my ankle about 13 times.

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  1. I love that dress! Your photos on the rocks look really great for almost breaking your ankle that many times!

  2. Whoa! I can't believe you're 26!! And that you got to celebrate in such a fantastic way. Also, I have all but given up on heels because they are always trying to kill me. #TallGirlProblems Love the scenery and this dress! ♥


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