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Purple Haze

Sorry to force my eyeball upon you, friends, but I just wanted to show/tell you a little something about my job now that I'm 98% sure that I'm not just dreaming and it's not going to disappear as soon as I tell people about it. I am the resident writer/blogger for a new website called Glamourpage. It's dedicated to all things beauty-related and it's basically heaven for us bloggers because the more articles and tutorials you submit, the more exposure you gain. So if you're into the whole hair, makeup and nails thing, click here to get started, and if not, just go check it out so you can see my goofy self try to teach you things. Here are some previews.
Also, feel free to get pin-happy here, here and here.

And on a completely unrelated note, this video is incredibly touching and made me cry, kind of an embarrassing amount. I considered writing a whole post about it, but I don't think any of us are ready for that right now, so if you watch please let me know your thoughts, reactions, feelings (because we have a lot of them around here).

Happy Friday Eve!


  1. heyo, look at those sexy eyebrows. ps. go you!

  2. I love the nails-- my friend did strawberries on my nails before and it was so cute. The only thing is that I'm SO rough on my nails that it's almost sad to spend so much time on them when they will be ruined within a few days!

  3. That video made me cry too! My mom and sister have OCD so I def. related to it. That site seems really cool, I may make an account if I can convince myself to do more than just straighten my bangs and put on some concealer in the morning..haha!

  4. Well, there goes my afternoon! Congrats gurll! Ps that first picture of you is gorgeous!

    xo Becky
    Seductive Mania

  5. your job!? GO GIRL! so, so happy for you!


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