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5 Albums You Should Listen To This Summer

Does anyone else feel like summer is kind of a let down when you get older? As a kid I would get tingles in my toes just thinking about the last day of school. I would break out into full song and dance Maxamilian-style. "After Today" was (and always will be) my summer jam, but now what happens? We don't wear as many layers (except that I do because SF is weird) and instead of eating popsicles in the sunshine while playing in the sprinkler, we drink luke warm coffee in a freezing office while the computer sucks our souls out through the screen. That got dark quickly. Obviously summer weekends are still amazing (see above). And if you're a teacher, well, you win at summer, period. But for those of us who are feelin' a little Lana Del Rey-ish about it, here are some new tunes you should crank up on Spotify this summer.

1. Nate Ruess Grand Romantic
Bet you didn't see that one coming! I know, I know. I'm obsessed with all things Nate-- The Format, Fun., The Bleachers (seeing them in a couple weeks!) and I may or may not be rocking Fun. merch in an upcoming style post.. but I digress. This album makes me so happy. There are way more '80s pop sounds than I ever could have imagined, but the first half of the album feels just like the old days. The second half gets a little ballad-y/lovey/gushy/gross but then again I'm probably just jealous because who does Charlotte Ronson think she is? #Yoko "AhHa" and "Harsh Light" are my favorites.

2. Jenny Lewis The Voyager
This one came out in 2014, but it's pretty rad. It's got an old-school sound to it and even though Rilo Kiley will always have my heart, I'm so happy Jenny Lewis is still making music--and still rocking a Girl Scout uniform, for that matter. She covers those topics us ladies think about, like biological clocks and rainbow pant suits. "Slippery Slope" is one of my favorites.
3. Twenty One Pilots Blurry Face
I've been a fan of Twenty One Pilots for quite a while. Back in the day I accidentally missed them as I drank rum and played corn hole in the parking lot while they opened at The Big Ticket concert in Jacksonville. I've regretted it ever since, but redemption is coming! Anyway, this album is a great addition to their growing discography. I can honestly just listen to all of their albums all the way through without stopping, but I'm kind of a sucker for white boy rap sooo.. "Tear In My Heart" is my fave. Obviously.

4. Brandon Flowers The Desired Effect
I'm sensing a theme here: beautiful singers breaking away from their bands to create quality solo summer albums with a throwback feel to them. But here's the thing, as much as I loooove The Killers and want to have Flowers babies, I haven't always liked his solo stuff. This one is good though. Like, real good. Favorite song: "I Can Change."

5. Aer Aer
These guys make quintessential summer music. They're like the goofy dudes you just want to party in Long Beach with. The whole album is made for beach day drinking and windows-down cruisin'. Favorites: "Says She Loves Me" and "Pretty Lady" Oh, and bonus: here's a single that just came out and looks like a new album is being released August 14.

What are you listening to this summer?

Check out the playlist with all the albums below or here.

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