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Weekend Project: Chalkboard Kitchen Jars

The other day I decided that since this baking habit of mine doesn't seem to be going anywhere, I should make my supplies pretty. There is a fundamental flaw in the baking soda box's structure and flour bags are the silliest creations, so I figured jars were as good a place to start as any. This year will be the first one in the last three where I won't be packing up and moving out on my birthday, so I figured I'd spruce up the kitchen if I'll be baking in it for another year. Off to Michael's I went.

To recreate these chalkboard paint jars, you'll need: several jars of varied sizes, painter's tape (I used masking tape, but I wouldn't recommend it), alcohol pads, scissors, chalkboard paint, Mod Podge, paint brush/sponge and chalk.
First wipe off finger prints and any residue with the alcohol swab and tape off your label section. My trusty assistant and I eyeballed it, but you could measure it out if you're personality starts with an A. Mine starts with a big fat B.
Paint your labels on with the chalkboard paint, first vertically then after about 20 minutes paint another coat horizontally. I probably should've used chalkboard paint made for glass or a primer of some sort, but I didn't. I improvised. When I went to (very carefully) remove the tape, the edges were far from perfectly straight, so I went back and filled in the edges a bit with more paint. Once they were completely dry, I scribbled all over the surfaces with chalk and wiped them off with a wet paper towel. Next I went over the edges with a thin line of Mod Podge in hopes of keeping the paint from peeling off any more.

Finally I labeled the jars with chalk and filled them with sugar, flour, baking soda, quinoa and flaxseed meal--just to be fancy.
I'm pretty pumped about them. My countertop looks so much more sophisticated now! Who wants to come bake with me?


  1. Awesome job! If I had more counter space in my kitchen I would absolutely do the same. As it is now I just keep dry rice and quinoa in mason jars in the cabinets :)

  2. come make this for me!


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