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I’ll be honest with you guys: I’ve been struggling when it comes to this space lately. I should have direction and purpose, an editorial calendar, a schedule, a reason but I don't. Sometimes that feels okay, lately it doesn't. I know my posts are all over the place. Sometimes I’m at peace with One to Nothin’ being a documentation of my life, adventures, iPhone photos and ramblings, and other times I feel like I should be growing, making, doing better. There are so many steps I want to take, skills I want to learn and ways I want to improve. But being in a box holds me back. This used to be where my words would flow freely and lately it doesn’t feel that way. Maybe I’m just in a creative rut and I need to power through. I want you all to know that I’ve been starting, stopping, brainstorming and starting again on posts that keep getting saved for later. I'll figure out the right words and hit 'publish' eventually..

But in the meantime, here are some things I have been working on:

Freelance for Brit + Co:

Weird and awesome plants you need in your life.

All-natural beauty products you can easily DIY.

Floral nail art you might want to give a try if you have lots of extra time on your hands.

Quick and easy braids for you ladies (or gents?) who don't have that extra time.

Crazy colorful eyeliner inspo.

Keep up with all my B+C posts here, and if you're interested in reading other articles I've written, check out this super secret hidden track page here.


Sunday: 9-mile beach walk
Monday: HIITy Bitty Bikini
Wednesday: Coconut Core & Booty
Thursday: Bikini ArmsCocktail Dress Arms
Friday: HIITy Bitty Bikini

Monday: 4.7 mile run, Bikini Booty
Wednesday: 3-mile run, Bikini Yoga
Thursday: Ultimate Booty Call HIIT
Friday: 50-minute spin class

Monday: Kettlebell Toning
Tuesday: The Dailey Method Barre Class

I got a free trial of ClassPass and so far I've tried barre and cycling. I've got 10 days--whether I can convince myself to hit cancel after that is TBD. (If I'm anything like Jessi, that's a big old no.) And if you're interested in sweaty selfies and vegan pizza binging confessions, follow my fitness Instagram account here (but no judging!).

Tone it Up Nutrition:

The Bikini Series is still going strong. I've been going on epic grocery shopping trips and food prep mad dashes about every other week instead of weekly, so my diet has been anything but perfect (especially since I forget the meaning of nutrition when presented with weekends, brunch and bottomless mimosas), but I do feel better. Four weeks in and I can see changes in my muscles and attitude; there's not much of a difference weight wise, but I feel leaner, more energetic and fitter, which is always the goal for me. Healthy and strong regardless of numbers.


If you don't already follow me on Spotify, get your shit together. Kidding, but let's be friends before the music industry realizes how detrimental-to-them-and-wonderful-for-us this thing is. My most recent playlist can be found here, but my sunniest playlist can be found here.


My relationships are a priority for me. I'm not the best at keeping in touch with far away friends and this makes me queasy when I lie in bed at night. I want to improve on that, and I want to nurture the ones I have access to. I often skip extra time in front of the computer for extra cuddling, chatting or cocktail hour-ing. I've been known to drop everything for a last-minute concert and sometimes the thought of spending another second inside makes me shut off the computer and take Ziggy for a run. Maybe this makes me a bad blogger or maybe this will mean I'm destined for career mediocrity, but in the end the people (and puppies) who are always there for me are the ones I want to focus on and return the favor to. I think it's more of an adjustment period for me. It's difficult to pick back up on a posting schedule you adopted when you spent 99% of your days interacting with an infant and a sausage dog, but I want to. And I will.

More love in the form of rambling blog posts to come!



  1. Nice job on the bikini series! I need to kick it back into gear - I always love how I feel when I'm following the plan. I've been seriously struggling the last two weeks, I'll be honest. Work has been insane and unfortunately my eating habits took the back burner. Prep is DEFINITELY important.

  2. <3<3<3 As much as you think you don't have it together, you SO have it together. More than I even know what to do with. Love you and your ClasspAss (correct letter capitalized) <3


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