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Weekend things

Despite what my blog might have you believe, my dog rolling in feces did not kill me. Actually, I had the best blogging intentions on Wednesday--I even wrote out my confessions but alas, had no photo. Wednesday night I unofficially deemed "BLOG TIME" but then after my gym sesh, I got a "Want to go to a Pentatonix concert in an hour and a half?" text to which my FOMO would not let me say no. 

It was incredible, you guys. I forgot to bring my phone so there was no Snapchatty proof (although I did jack this photo from my PIC), but those crazy a cappella'ers know what's up. They ventured out into the audience and I high-fived them all. Needless to say, the next day I nursed a hangover until it was time to start drinking again a la work dinner. Basically you can safely assume that if I'm not showing up to the blog on time it's because I'm busy partaking in awesomeness. Kidding. Kind of. Sometimes it's just because I'm watching Broad City.

By the time Friday rolled around, I was determined to stay awake long enough to prep some goodies for a friend's birthday hike to Alamere Falls the next morning. Sadly she was too sick for the hike, but luckily this meant I had time to pose with it for a post later this week (and that orange squirrel up there was ready to pounce on it). So my homies and I went on a hike in Tilden Regional Park representin' the East Bay instead. That's where all the nature-heavy and hooded realness photos above come into the story. Not included in the photos is the biggest pig/hog/whathaveyou I've ever seen in that farm up there.

The rest of the weekend included a bonfire on the beach, a picnic in a cemetery, baseball and hair braiding with cute kids and snuggling with a sausage dog. There were a few downfalls as well, but no one stole my sandwich, so overall I'd say it was a winner.

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  1. I love that we hiked on the same weekend and I love that you're out living loving and stuff. You are for-real the best candidate for bestest Single blogger ;)


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