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I confess..

I just bought 1989 by Taylor Swift. "Blank Space" was just too good. I couldn't not spend $13 on the album.

This means a popcorn spiced recipe AND Taylor Swift are both within one scroll on this blog. I've reached solid gold white girl status.

I have officially spent enough time away from my nanny baby that I'm having withdrawals. It took everything I had not to steal the cutest little ginger off of the train last night. GIVE ME ALL THE BABIES.

I recently embarked on a mission to watch all of "The Office" again for the fourth time as background noise while working at night. The first few times I watched it, however, were before the final season was on Netflix, and it turns out I hate it even more now than I did the first time I saw it. I think Will Ferrell is the worst and I know that's not actually true.

I still haven't done anything exciting with my apples. The thought of peeling them for the recipes I want to follow just seems way too strenuous.

I had a cold hamburger for breakfast yesterday. Like, I couldn't even be bothered with sticking it in the microwave for 20 seconds before consuming it. This was at 7am.

I had the rest of it for dinner.

I can't remember the last time I went to the grocery store and I've become intimately acquainted with Seamless.

I ran almost 4 miles one day last week and I'm still sore. Remember when I used to run 10+ miles on Saturdays for funsies? (And break my ass every time..) Those were good times.

My weekend was actually a lot more exciting than I made it out to be. Sometimes blogging about your life is hard knowing people from said life could be reading it.

I went to trivia night on Monday and we lost so bad we didn't even rank. The only category we nailed was the name-the-toys-from-the-90's section.

I made a 3-page list of blog ideas that I don't have time to execute and it's killing me hard-ly..?

What do you confess?


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  2. My running is the same right now! I used to be hardcore training for marathon and half marathon stuff, now I am cranking out between 3-5 every time. Also ALWAYS stop the office when Michael Scott leaves. I consider that the official finale. That show is too sacred to me to have it ruined by watching the whole thing (started watching when I had mono and couldn't move for 2 months).


  3. I love the album. And that video is fantastic. I loved this article from The Guardian on it. Perfection.


  4. I haven't listened to Tay Tay yet because she snubbed Spotify and I'm in an exclusive relationship with Spotify (see broke). Also I too have a looooong list of blog post ideas collecting dust.

  5. dying that you ate a cold burger at 7am. where was it from?!

  6. I feel like I could have personally written this entire post for myself this week.


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