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This weekend we celebrated Friendsgiving and I made my first homemade apple pie. Clearly I was pretty stoked about it since I took 547 photos of it. I drank a lot of spiked apple cider, heard my first Mariah Carey of the season, ate a lot of delicious food and did my best Lil Wayne impressions. I also watched the whole first season of "New Girl" again for, like, the sixth time, drank bubble tea and cuddled with the sausage dog. It was a pretty fantastic end of the week. How did you spend the last three days?


  1. Sounds like perfection indeed. The pie looks perfect! :)

    1. Wow I'm a good writer. Or should I say perfect? It's early.

  2. i would like to be invited to your next friendsgiving, please.

  3. I've been seeing "bubble tea" on blogs lately, and I have no idea what that is!

    I'm hosting a Friendsgiving this weekend - here's to hoping the food turns out well!

  4. looks like a fun night! i always love your style, by the way.

  5. Looks like so much fun! I want to convince my friends to do this with me ha ha :D We spent our weekend finishing up our kitchen table :)

  6. Please, the hat looks amaze on you. Do that more often, sassy lady!


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