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Apples & Oysters

Last week was pretty cool. First the SF Giants won the World Series resulting in Market Street riots. I got to see a bunch of crazies hop across Muni busses, one guy zip-lined down the cable with a sweatshirt and another guy lit a trashcan on fire. Then for Halloween my roomie and I put on half-assed costumes (see mine here), drank a bottle of champagne, danced the night away in a bar expertly decorated with taxidermic animals and spent all day Saturday recovering with takeout Thai food and independent films. Once the hangovers finally passed on Sunday, we went apple picking (my first time!) where I picked the biggest apples I could find. I felt like Cindy Lou Who with her massive strawberry at the Christmas feast. Afterward we tasted wine at the HANNA Winery and ate raw oysters at the Hog Island Oyster Co in Tomales Bay. All the time in between has been spent working, eating and sleeping. It's been pretty magical. Come make apple pie with me?

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  1. I love apple picking! I am sick of apple pie, so I have been doing apple betty instead (albeit less healthy). In my town the just over college bar Louies has so many stuffed animals that we go to often. Glad things are coming together so smoothly!


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