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What I wore

Dress: c/o eShakti / Wedges: Target / Bracelet: Etsy
I'm a cardinal for Halloween, get it? Kidding, but these little embroidered birdies are pretty adorbz, right? In case you're unfamiliar, eShakti is a women's clothing website that offers customization for fit and style, and they were nice enough to let me choose an item to selfie in. I chose this shirt dress which was tailored to my measurements, and I chose to make the sleeves quarter length instead of full-length. The material is incredibly high quality and I'm pretty in love with the way it fits, but I'm especially fond of the cardinal details because my best friends from college and I just so happened to name ourselves after this winged species. We still take awkward wing-flapping photos every time we're together (read more about that from back when I didn't know how to edit or resize photos here and when we had an SF reunion here).

Happy Halloween, friends. I know I've been MIA, but I promise I've been brainstorming all kinds of awesome things to blog about as soon as I figure out how to stop sleeping. I hope your night is filled with sugar highs and hilariously slutty costumes.

Use the coupon code "onetonothin" to get 10% off your eShakti orders from now until November 15, and be sure to keep up with eShakti on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!


  1. Cute dress! I love how eshatki is able to customize items!

  2. you could wear a garbage bag and still look hot. that being said, you really do look great in that dress! red is your color.

  3. I LOVE those wedges that you're wearing, what a fun pattern! Red looks great on you. I especially love that darker hue for fall. I think the dress, for a shirt dress, is a bit short though. Did you find it flaring up or feeling self-conscious when you were out and about?

  4. Love it! I love red, so this dress is right up my alley.

  5. It's all the cutest

  6. I love eShakti! This dress is amazing, I just recently did a post on my eshakti dress too. Hope you can check it out :)



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