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This weekend I was lucky enough to get to visit some of my best friends in Orlando. These are three beautiful ladies that I met freshman year of college when we all joined the Delta Zeta sorority. Basically it was love at first sight.

Aubrey (second from the left) offered to give Emma (far right) and I a ride to the new member retreat -- aka scared freshmen Delta Zetas chillin' in the woods hoping to make friends with their new found sisters. After giggling all the way there and getting very lost despite our British GPS Navigator, we met Liz (second from right) when we were assigned to the Cardinal cabin (each one was named after a different type of bird, I have no idea why).

I knew we would be friends at that point, but it was the many games of "Never Have I Ever," "Truth or Dare" and silliness around the campfire while learning the creed that really sealed the deal.

Our very first social was Good vs. Evil themed

Now we really are sisters. We plan our weddings, Lamaze classes and futures in general around each other.  We still call ourselves the Cardinals and are just waiting for the right time to whip out a straight up Ya Ya Sisterhood fireside dance, and best of all, we are always there for each other. As cheesy as it sounds, I know I can count on these ladies. Whether it's helping each other cope with a bad break up, or planning a badass bachelorette party, we got it covered.

The Song of the day is the new Fun. song by the cast of Glee (I was beyond excited when I saw this episode.)


  1. the Cardinals. so random and yet so right. love it.

  2. I can't figure out why I haven't officially 'followed' your blog yet! As I've been scrolling through I keep finding reasons why we should absolutely be friends. Vibrams (husband loves them), ukulele (one of the best purchases of my year), and now "We Are Young"?! It was declared our 'trip song' for the Christmas Cruise. It makes me so happy. I listen to it over and over and fantasize about recreating the scene and singing it in a circle with all of my friends. Because I'm a dork... and that would be a dream come true.

    Thanks for always leaving such sweet comments! I hope you have a great time ringing in the New Year this weekend!


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