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Jewelry Display DIY

I think working from home on the computer on non-blog related things (did I mention I technically have three jobs right now?) has stifled my blogging creativity something fierce. When I finish my hours, the last thing I want to do is spend more of them in front of my beloved macbook, so yesterday I decided to get my DIY on instead. 
I found an old picture frame by the recycling. I don't think I've gone into this much yet, but it turns out my new apartment has a home goods genie. Every time I think I need to go buy something, it appears on the curb or by the dumpster or in the recycling bin. I kid you not, the second we started putting furniture into our living room we realized we had a TV but no stand for it, and as soon as we walked outside, a TV stand appeared on the curb. Later on in the day a different TV stand with a working TV on it appeared on a different but equally close curb. Since then I've seen Lazyboy chairs, dining room tables, dish drying racks--all things we purchased or already had in our apartment so we didn't take, but it still validated my genie theory. Anyway, this time I found a frame shortly after I decided I needed to display my jewelry even if I rarely wear it.

Here's what I used:
An empty picture frame
A window screen
A glue gun
Several small nails
A hammer
A frame hanger
First I pried the window screen out and cut it to the size of the frame, then I stretched it across the back of the frame and glued it down along the sides. My screen wasn't big enough to fit the whole frame, so I had to fit two pieces together--hence the awkward line across the middle. Imperfection is my middle name.
Then I measured five equidistant spots along the bottom of the frame to hammer in my tricked out gold nails for necklace/ring/bracelet hanging.
Finally I nailed the hanger into the wall and threw my jewelry all over it. Ta da! I'm pretty stoked that my room is starting to have some personality, especially since my poor baby stick antlers were a casualty in the move. Shall we take a room tour soon? I think yes!


  1. You make it look so easy but it still is so nice! I need to do this for my closet, plus I might do another one to display my jewelry at shows! Thanks so much!

  2. Clever girl :) looks good! If a spare writing job shows up on that curb, do let me know? ;) and yes, I agree on the room tour!

  3. This makes me wish I still had my ears pierced! Too cute :D

  4. I love this! My mom has something similar but it's made with a smooth material instead of mesh. I like the mesh better though ;)

  5. BEAUTIFUL! I wish I wore dangley earrings so i could do this...


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