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Lately I..

Took Ziggy for a ridiculously beautiful run in a cemetery where I walked up the majority of the hills because dayummm

Attended an art show/concert with glowing things in an abandoned warehouse on a pier in San Francisco where I ate a naan burger and a stupid manboy tried to hit on me. He told me a story about a girl he went on a date with who had a mole with hair growing out of it and how he bailed once he discovered it. Then he tried to bite my necklace because it "looked like candy," and was genuinely surprised when I wouldn't give him my number.

Remembered that dudes are the worst.

Adopted a succulent family and Hampton got a new backpack.

Drank too many greyhounds made with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and hated my life all day the next day. All freaking day

Briefly considered joining the Blogtober challenge (where you post every day in October) just to get back into the habit of coming here and writing things each day..

And then I didn't.

Started my new job (!!).

Went to the DMV and had a PMS-induced breakdown, but Betty the Blazer is officially registered in California. 

Patted myself on the back for buying that pink tool kit for the 554th time.

Ate a bunch of chocolate, watched a bunch of Shakira music videos and sang a bunch of Mandy Moore songs.

Laughed 'til I cried with my roomies.

Struggled (/am still struggling) to get all my hours for my part-timer in.

Finished The Vacationers (because when I'm overwhelmed I do things like read or sing crap 90s pop songs) and thought it was meh.

Learned how to play poker!

Started cooking paleo meals again.

Painted my nails for the first time in a stupid long time.

Almost cried, like, 12 times while taking the dude baby to our last baby class together.

..I think that about sums it up. What have you been up to lately?


  1. haha blogtober. who blogs any more? answer: not me

  2. Lol, what Brooke said. Proud of you for not giving your number and wish I could have helped you overcome the day after greyhound with yummy greasy things.


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