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Adventures in Portland!

If you already read Jessi or Brooke's blog posts today, you might already know about my weekend, but it was epic so I'm going to tell you about it anyway.
In order to combat the ridiculousness going on in this post, I texted one of my blog besties last week and was all, "I'm freaking out, man. Can I come to Portland?" and she was all, "Yea, get over here. Now." So I packed Ziggy into my car and started driving at 5:30am on Friday and got to hug Jessi for the first time ever at 5:30pm. It was a pretty glorious moment. A moment that was slightly less glorious, but glorious nonetheless, was when I realized that in Oregon they pump your gas for you. HOLLER.
So after hugs and squeals and Ziggy kisses, we started drinking whiskey and eating the biggest, most delicious, NON-vegan sushi ever. Naturally. Barhopping led to shots which led to VooDoo doughnuts which led to a ridiculously long line and a necessary pee stop, which just so happened to be in a strip club. This was completely unintentional, but quite the adventure so we stayed longer than two girls who wandered into a bar to pee should have. When in Portland..
The following morning Jessi got to experience one of my epic hangovers first hand. I barely made it through breakfast (which looked delicious), but I thoroughly enjoyed exploring Powell's Book Store and that night I got to meet my other bloggy bestie, Brooke and her PIC Bradley while finally coming back to life and nomming my face off on Thai food.
Sunday we hiked Angel's Rest and Ziggy champed it up even though it was a zillion degrees and we realized that we are officially no longer Floridians.  
That night we got to play with Brooke again for happy hour drinks/appetizers/delicious goat cheese everything and walked around the most adorable streets I've ever seen in my life stopping only for chocolate and selfies. The last stop of the night was a dog bar where Ziggy helped herself to table dancing and attacking Jessi's face with her tongue.

Monday was spent pouting at my steering wheel as Ziggy slept in the passenger seat for 11ish hours because I wanted to stay there forever and ever.

Long story short, I love Portland and these are my people. I'll be seeing you again very soon, ladies. Thanks for playing with me all weekend!


  1. <3<3<3 You're my people. Ziggy too!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you had a great time. Next time, I get to meet you and Ziggy!

  3. At the risk of sounding weird, I just have to say -- you are probably one of the most genuinely, naturally beautiful women I've ever seen. I don't mean to sound creepy, but I feel like you just have this vibe that is so killer and it radiates through in every photo of you. Also, Portland sounds amazing! Hoping we'll get to go next Spring!



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