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Life Updates

+ I move into my new apartment (!!!) in Oakland tomorrow, and I have two awesome roommates.

+ Ziggy chipped my tooth by smashing her skull into my jaw with excessive excitement. No, I haven't gone to the dentist and yes, it is noticeable.

+ I ate tempura bacon over the weekend. And corned beef. And mimosas. And the biggest pancakes of my life.

+ I worked an extra 15 hours each week for the past two weeks (& consequently blogged minimally).

+ I taught the Dude Baby how to do a headstand. Kind of.

+ I'm almost done with East of Eden and I still have about three others on my list from my last trip to the book store, but I accidentally bought three more last week.

+ I started a 30-day yoga challenge at Alyssa's suggestion. I like it; I like it a lot.

+ I will make blogging a priority again soon, but not just yet. Must figure out the WiFi situation at the new pad. Until then, please know I love and appreciate all of you super hard.


  1. Oh no! Sorry about your tooth!
    By the way, I LOVE East of Eden :)

  2. Great news on all the wonderful new developments! So glad you're enjoying the yoga challenge :) and YES I owe you an email and I am the worst, forgive me! Also, this tempura bacon you speak of. Tell me more.

  3. yay for a new place :) but boo to having to move.

    and i need more bacon in my life cause that shit looks tasty.

  4. Cuteness! Also, hurry back to Bloglandia... Miss you quirking around here all the time.

  5. Awesome roomies are the best!
    I started reading Gone Girl and I'm hooked.
    Life trumps blogging sometimes, sad truth.

  6. Congrats on the new apartment! Now gimme all the tempura bacon! looks so good!


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