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Weekend Snapshots

I had another lovely weekend, friends. I think we can officially add buying a ton of books and eating fried Oreos to my list of things-that-make-me-less-stressed. Friday night I enjoyed fried chicken and waffle sliders, hand crafted hipster cocktails and fun conversations with a new creative friend. Saturday was spent admiring the Golden Gate Bridge and the crazy swimmers competing in an open water swim alongside it, enjoying nausea-inducing carnival rides, being some of the youngest attendees dancing along at a Creedence Clearwater Revival concert, eating things that truly need not be breaded and fried and getting photographed very cautiously with goats (remember my last traumatic goat experience?). Then Sunday was packed full of sleeping, lounging, reading and splashing in the sun. It was pretty great, but now that the weekend has come to an end and I just finished reading #Girlboss, it's time to hustle and make things happen. 

What are you doing today to better yourself? Please do share.


  1. What a fun weekend. Fried Oreo's, sounds amazing!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend welcoming summer was had :) glad you got to enjoy another great one! Can't wait to see what girl boss moves you're gearing up to make

  3. this just looks like another weekend for the books. jealous!

  4. Powdered ball things get in my mouth. <3 your weekends, when can I come play?


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