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Weekend Snapshots

I had a lovely NorCal kind of weekend. Friday night I went to a SF Giants baseball game where I watched a gang of misfit marching band members from Seattle play out front before witnessing our team lose in the ninth inning. Fortunately our spirits were promptly lightened by a grand fireworks show right there in the AT&T Park to the tune of Journey's "Lights." Saturday was spent babysitting, resting and job applying. On Sunday some lovely ladies and I went for a hike through Muir Woods where we hid inside of trees and struggled up massive hills followed by some serious pigging out at In-N-Out Burger. Now I've got sore calves and a renewed obsession with this magical place. How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Go Seattle ;D

  2. oh gosh we hiked on the same day. it was like we hiked together!

  3. Sounds perfect :) glad you're enjoying yourself and stressing less!

  4. I want In-N-Out Burger ... Looks like a fun weekend!

  5. You're the cutest little thing in that fallen hollow tree!! <3 (p.s about to comment vomit all over your blog, I'm a little behind on the reads!)


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