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What I Wore - Blue Jean Bar Style

Top: Amour Vert / Jeans: Henry & Belle / Scarf: Created New
Vest: AS by DF / Jeans: Fidelity
Jeans: Joe's / Top: Joe's / Top: Joe's / Top: Cynthia Vincent

I think I've mentioned my jean conundrum around here a time or two, but for those who haven't heard me complain about it yet, just know it's difficult for this guy to find a well-fitting pair of blue jeans. I'm fairly certain it's because my donk is far larger than my legs would have jean makers believe, so whenever I find jeans that fit well on my legs, they're too small in the butt region and vice versa (and let's just say I haven't had any desire to venture into the Apple Bottom brand..). On many occasions I've gone on shopping trips specifically searching for a great, multi-purpose pair of jeans and I've come home empty handed (or with a pair or two of "jeggings" with fake pockets..) after trying on a dozen pairs. A frustrating experience to say the least, so when the Blue Jean Bar reached out to me I was excited but very nervous that none of the jeans would fit.

BJB Express is a home delivery service in which high quality brand jeans and matching tops/accessories are sent to your home for just $1. A stylist picks out the outfits based on your personal style after a quick (I mean super quick!) consultation and a box is sent to you within a few days. You try on the clothing, pay for the items you want to keep and send the rest back with the prepaid shipping label within 10 days. I got to try out the service and I was definitely impressed. All of the outfits were totally me and there was only one out of five pairs of jeans that truly didn't fit (not pictured).

These outfits were all of my favorite things: beachy, boho, badass and ultra comfortable. I honestly wish I could keep all of them, but my bank account won't allow it. 

Which ones do you think I should keep?


  1. I pick the ones with the little side zipper?

  2. You just have such effortless style in everything! Keep it ALL! haha


  3. Move to Portland already, seriously. I hope you picked the zipper ones!


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